• Ionic
  • Bootstrap
  • Canvas svgs
  • Cordova


  • Affiiate marketting
  • Security
  • Restaurant management
  • Delivery tracking
  • iOS & Android app store


  • NodeJS
  • TypeScript
  • MongoDB


  • Restaurant portal
  • Admin portal
  • Client app Android & iOS
  • Delivery app for Android & iOS

Home Food Delivery

Simply Takeout provide you with great offers from all your favourite local Takeouts. Find takeouts near you, just enter your postcode and select your address. Download the app to be find out all the latest offers. Spread the word & earn more vouchers. You can eat for free. Simply Takeout. The app is available on Android and iOs and you can find your Simply Takeout in the Northhampton area currently.

Simply take out


Track Any Task

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Improve Your Day

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Simply take out
Simply take out


Put A Smile On

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